Will Smith & David Ayer’s Netflix Movie looks… interesting

You might have missed this what with all the Oscars flub talk taking over the news columns, but Will Smith is starring in a new Netflix movie. Reuniting with director and Suicide Squad scapegoat, David Ayer, the short teaser looks… well… it looks absolutely mental.

Starring alongside Noomi Rapace and Joel Edgerton, the movie takes place in a universe where mystical creatures live alongside humans ā€“ Smith plays a cop who has to team up with an Orc to find some sort of weapon that everyone is after. Or something.

There’s not much to go on in the teaser, but honestly, the premise seems to be a bit of a gimmick ā€“ undoubtedly there is going to be fairy-tale stuff going on, but at its core, I don’t see how the story could be anything other than your standard cop show. Cops forced to work together, first they don’t get on (presumably in this context because one of them is literally an Orc), then they do, and then they get the bad guy. But there’ll be elves in it, somehow. For it is always elves.

Still, as teasers go, it is certainly intriguing. Will Smith is usually good value (when he’s not writing terrible movies that try to force his son’s acting on the unsuspecting public, that is), and I’m interested to see if Ayer is better without a Hollywood studio breathing down his neck.

Bright will be available on Netflix in December.


Yep… this is happening…


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