Trailer Trasher: Pirates of the Caribbean 5

If I could say one thing about this series, it would be that it is rapidly becoming a parody of itself. With every new installment, the story of this universe is just getting increasingly ridiculous, each movie desperately trying to up the ante from the previous one. First it was undead pirates, then it was the squid-headed manifestation of Death, then it was voodoo Blackbeard. The movies have become so formulaic – there’s a big evil thing after Jack for some reason and he has to find a magical McGuffin to stop it. Every. Single. Time.

The new installment, Dead Men Tell No Tales, seems to be no exception. Pursued by a pissed-off Spanish ghost, Jack’s ‘only hope of survival’ is to find – I kid you not – the actual Trident of Poseidon. Because it controls the sea. Sounds legit.

My jaded cynicism aside, the trailer does actually look quite fun. The design of the villain is interesting and the supporting cast seem to  have a bit of personality this time. There does seem to be a bit of an over-reliance on CGI, which is odd for a franchise that has previously prided itself on practical effects and elaborate set pieces.

Strangely enough, the weakest part of the trailer is Jack Sparrow himself. While we only see him briefly here, Depp doesn’t seem very enthusiastic. Suppose I’d be a bit pissed off too if I’d be making the same movie over and over again for the past 13 years…



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