Trailer Trasher: Shadow of War

Released in late 2014, Shadow of Mordor was one of the stand-out games of that year – garnering much critical acclaim and an enthusiastic response from the gaming community. Rumours of a sequel began making the rounds this time last year, when a stunt actor listed ‘Shadow of Mordor 2’ in their work history. Falling foul of yet another pesky leak – the decision was made by the game dev and publisher to release the announcement trailer.

Set somewhere in between The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring, the first game was a resounding success by all accounts. Much of this was down to the ingenious Nemesis System created by the game’s developers, Monolith, that allowed enemies to react and essentially learn from the player’s actions in the world. The player is able to take control of Orc chieftains and, if so inclined, watch over their rise through the ranks of the fluid hierarchy of Mordor. Enemies you encountered would remember you, form vendettas and grow stronger the more times they defeated you. This made playing the game both incredibly engaging an extremely rewarding, allowing stories to develop organically as you went along.

While the trailer for the long awaited follow-up doesn’t give much away in terms of content, the sequel certainly seems to be upping the ante story-wise. More will be revealed on March 8th when the gameplay trailer is released, but from the looks of things, Shadow of War is going to be awesome!


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