Trailer Trasher: Alien Covenant

A new trailer for Ridley Scott’s latest – the highly anticipated Alien Covenant – was released on the 28th and it looks… pretty much exactly the same as Prometheus actually.

I don’t know about you, but I thought that Prometheus was a complete mess of a movie. While I only watched the cinema release (a Director’s Cut was brought out later), the film was nigh on incomprehensible: full of of half thought out ideas, story threads that went nowhere, and plot holes you could drive a bus through.

From the looks of this trailer, the new movie will be more of the same. The deeply unsettling creepiness of the original Alien has been replaced with action movie style set pieces and jump scares. The body horror elements of the previous film seem to be back and will no doubt be just as confusing and out-of place as they were in then. And we get to see two Xenomorphs – ‘see’ being the operative word actually, as neither of them seem to be attempting to hide or sneak up on their prey like in previous films.

Incidentally, I really hope the visual effects are still a work in progress, because both the Xenomorphs we see here – the ‘Alien classic’ and the messed up looking one – look absolutely terrible.

Say 'cheeeeeeeeeese'.

Say ‘cheeeeeeeeeese’.

If it sounds like I’m being harsh about the movie, it’s because I am deeply skeptical about it. I’ll watch it with an open mind, but – after Prometheus – I don’t have particularly high hopes.


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