Butler Back For ‘Has Fallen’ Franchise Threequel

According to Deadline, Gerard Butler will be revisiting his role as Secret Service agent Mike Banning in the up-coming threequel – the terribly titled Angel Has Fallen. This time, instead of saving the President from a series of increasingly unlikely run-ins with the terrorist group de jour, Banning himself will be the target and will no doubt put any number of innocent civilians and government officials in harms way as he shoots, stabs, maims and mutilates his way to victory. The new movie will be produced by Millennium Films, the independent production company behind such titles as The Expendables movies and the legendarily bad 2006 remake of The Wicker Man with Nic Cage.

While the previous films in the franchise have not been the most well received in terms of reviews (they scored Rotten Tomatoes ratings of 48% and 26% respectively), they have been moderately successful at the box office. The first installment – 2013’s Olympus Has Fallen made around $161 million worldwide on a budget of $70 million, and the sequel – London Has Fallen – fared even better, taking $196 million on a budget of $60 million.

Some of these scenes were quite close to the bone - but they also felt strangely pointless.

The second film managed to make $15 million at the UK box office… despite featuring imagery like this…

Honestly, I’m not a fan of these movies and I don’t actually know anyone who is. While the Olympus was reasonably harmless – it was the less ridiculous of the two ‘Die Hard in the White House’ movies to come out that year – I found the sequel to be a thoroughly unpleasant movie. Devoid of any charm or humour, indulging in the very worst aspects of American nationalistic jingoism. While I don’t particularly dislike Gerard Butler as an actor, I found the character that he plays in these films to be an unlikeable thug rather than the grizzled anti-hero they were going for.

It remains unclear how the story is going to work in this installment, but the brief initial summary quoted by Deadline seems to make little sense – all it does is raise questions. The movie gets its awful title from the super secret code name for Air Force One – implying that Banning will be hanging out with the President and that they’ll be messing about on a plane. But if Banning is the main target for a terrorist group, why is he still hanging around with the President of the United States? Why would anyone target one specific Secret Service agent when there’s a perfectly good world leader to go after? Who on Earth thought remaking The Wicker Man was a good idea? Why did they cast Nic Cage? Why does anyone cast Nic Cage?

Some questions are best left unanswered.



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