Deadpool 2 loses its director due to ‘creative differences’

Much to the despair of fans Deadpool fans everywhere, it was announced on Saturday that the film’s director, Tim Miller, would not be returning to helm the sequel – citing creative differences with leading man Ryan Reynolds, and the writing team of Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. Initially, conflicting ideas of who should play Cable – a staple character of both the X-men and Deadpool comics – were reported as the chief source of contention, but it now appears that Miller’s departure had more to do with the type of movie that Deadpool 2 would be than anything else.


According to TheWrap, both groups had very different ideas about what the follow-up should be. While the creative team of Reynolds, Reese and Wernick wanted to stick to the low budget and ‘scrappy’ style of the first movie, Miller reportedly wanted to make a movie that could compete with the likes of Marvel and DC/Warner Bros. and was seeking to work with a much bigger budget than previously – at least treble that of the original. In the end, Fox sided with their leading man – however, the departure was, reportedly, amicable, and Miller is already set to work on another Fox project.

While it’s a shame that Deadpool 2 couldn’t keep the same team as the first movie, going for a low budget follow-up instinctively feels like a step in the right direction. A large part of what made Deadpool such a great movie was that it was limited by financial constraints – it necessitated an economical and creative approach and resulted in one of the most critically and financially successful movies of the year. On a budget of $58 million – the movie took an impressive $363 million domestically and a further $420 million at the foreign box office. For reference, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice cost around 4 times as much to make and only took $100 million more worldwide and actually made around $100 million less in profit. Upping the budget for a follow up is by no means a guarantee for success – and it’s far more likely that the movie will lose the very thing that made it so enjoyable in the first place.


So the hunt is on for a new director – but fans may have their own idea about who should work on the sequel. A petition for Quentin Tarantino to direct Deadpool 2 has, at time of writing, reached 10,974 signatures. It’ll never happen in a million years… but imagine if it did…



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