Trailer Trasher: Suicide Squad

You may not be aware of this, but Suicide Squad is currently undergoing a series of expensive reshoots. The early word was that, in the wake of the Deadpool movie, these reshoots were intended to add the humour that was so painfully absent in Batman v Superman. Since then a couple of people involved in the project – including the film’s director – have come out and stated that this isn’t the case, and that they were aimed at adding even more action to the final movie. This is probably true, but the new Suicide Squad  trailer is suspiciously funnier than the others (especially the first one) – maybe someone finally got the message that we’re all a bit sick of miserable superheros.

So yeah, we get a lot more jokes – nothing laugh-out-loud funny but at least it’s trying. To be honest, the film could have nothing but a single knock-knock joke in it and it would still be ten times funnier than BvS. We also get to see a lot more of the characters – literally in Harley Quinn’s case.  Jay Hernandez’s El Diablo gets the lion’s share of the action and laughs here – a good thing too, given that he seems to be one of the few characters with actual super powers – but Will Smith and Joel Kinnaman also get a few more lines. I get the impression that the dynamic between those two characters (Deadshot and Rick Flag respectively) is going to be an important part of the movie, but that’s just pure speculation.

We also get to see a bit more of the Joker… possibly too much actually, when combined with the clips from the other trailers. I was as excited as anyone when we saw him in the first trailer, but less is more in this case. There are more glimpses of Batman doing his thing – it’s still not clear how he fits into the picture, but given that Affleck’s portrayal is one of the few good things about the DC movie universe at the minute, he’s more than welcome. My guess is that he’s going to be included in a flashback – probably showing how Harley landed herself in Arkham in the first place.

I'm assuming this is Arkham...

This is Arkham… right?

In short, this trailer is pretty good – it gives us a clearer idea of who the characters are and what they’re about without giving the story away. Just like a good trailer should. I have to say though, I’m still deeply skeptical of this movie. Historically, Warner Bros. have a terrible track record when it comes to making DC films that aren’t Batman or Superman movies… and those have been pretty crap recently (with the exception of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, of course). Still, Suicide Squad seems to have a sense of humour and looks to be distancing itself from the miserable grittiness of BvS – so there’s hope at least.

With any luck, all the pieces will come together and we can finally get the knock-out DC film that we’ve all been waiting for.


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